Root Design HK

Root Design HK was established in 2018 by Anya Wu. Root Design HK is an​ interdisciplinary design studio​ and has worked across Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, Root Design HK was awarded as a winner of the A’Design Award, MUSE creative awards, and DNA Paris Design Awards.


we work for

We have done shopping mall renovation for the MOKO shopping hall (owned by Sung Hung Kai Properties) in Hong Kong. Also, we renovated the UA cinema and Kbro cinema in Hong Kong and China. And we also work closely alongside private clients to refurbish and design apartments and houses.


Compared to aesthetic design, we value more ​storytelling,​ ​durability, quality,​ and client-oriented design.


“Sensory design evokes dreams”
Anya Wu, founders of Root Design HK

We savored to build ​the most stylish contemporary design-meets-art interior moments ​for our client. Every spatial design is a process of crafting a beautiful artwork with our client, environment, and the story setting.

Design Journey

I Empathize

Step 1.Problem Statement
Step 2.Research
Step 3.Programme Document
Step 4.Client Review & Approval V. Ideation

II Re-frame

Step 1.Written Concept Statement
Step 2.Preliminary Schematic Drawings
Step 3.Design Concepts
Step 4.Moodboard & Renderings
Step 5.Budget Estimate
Step 6.Timeframe

III Explore

Step 1.Construction Drawings
Step 2.Written Specifications
Step 3.Schedules
Step 4.Critical-path Timeframe

IV Build

Step 1.Select Contractors
Step 2.Schedule Work Sequence
Step 3.Submit Orders
Step 4.Coordinate Onsite Works

V Final Delivery

Step 1.Client Consultation in site
Step 2.Revisions & Improvements
Step 3.Repeat at intervals