Contemporary Interior Design and Renovation Design for an Urban and Cosmopolitan Life in Hong Kong

We all know that property is very important for Hongkongers. Many people want to create a dream home and modern interior design can bring great comfort. The scope of interior design includes interior design, decoration and furniture selection. Experienced interior designers can bring your home decoration to another level. Top interior designers hk are familiar with the use of renovation materials, colour matching and suit the practical needs to reach for perfectionism. Each interior design tells its own particular story so the property owner can show the unique taste to friends who come to visit.

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Root Design

Are you looking for the best interior design company in Hong Kong? Despite the fact that there are many interior design companies in Hong Kong, it is not easy to find good interior design service hk.

Interior design companies may have different positioning and target customers. While some interior designers hk are known for their luxe materials and displays, some are known for minimalist interiors. Therefore, it would be best to know your preferred styles before looking for the right interior design service. If you are looking for luxury interior designers hk, Root Design would be your best choice. Root Design has brought luxury, modern, livable interior design style to Hong Kongers.

We aim to attract an array of high-end clients and strive to provide the best quality of interior design services in Hong Kong. Root design incorporates customer-centricity culture and the design concept of integrating design into space. All of the interior designers have excellent interior design skills and home decoration skills to identify the best approach to design your home. To date, Root Design has received prestigious international interior design awards and is one of the best interior design services in Hong Kong. Customers always recommend Root Design to friends and family for renovation and interior design because of our excellent service. The interior design service has been highly praised by customers for many years. There are many returning customers in Hong Kong. Still considering which interior design service is good for your home renovation hk? Check out Root Design and feel free to contact us whether you are living in private estate, tong lau, public housing or any kind of property. If your friends are looking for interior design recommendations, please let them know about Root Design. We are confident that our interior design portfolio will fit their requirements.

Top Interior Designers Hong Kong in Root Design

Hong Kong interior design company Root Design hires the best team of interior designers and with great experiences to provide customers with the best interior design service hk. We believe human resources are the most valuable asset of the company. As interior designers can respond to the customer requirements and needs of people through inspirations, technical experiences and design concepts, only the best interior designers can combine all these elements into action and bring the ideal interior design to customers.

Root Design interior designers hk team enjoys a high reputation in the Hong Kong interior design industry. Most of our designers process a Hong Kong interior design post-secondary education and interior designers hk professional association certification, proving that they have rich experiences in interior design service hk. In terms of interior design knowledge, we have gained industry recognitions on our previous interior design works. Our interior design work not only won some Hong Kong interior design awards, but was recognised internationally. Our key highlight was the office urban streetscape which won MUSE Design Awards and gained international design exposures for us. Root Design’s interior designers have many years of experience in serving high-end customers. They often communicate with customers with heart, understand and listen to customers’ needs in interior design and renovation design to provide the best interior design service to them. We will brainstorm the design concepts with the customers to frame the characteristics of the flat. Every project we work on has a story to tell. The most rewarding part would be receiving customers’ accomplishment and compliment. Many designers have been appointed by the customers to work on the next project given the good experiences. If you are looking for the best interior designers hk for your home interior design or office renovation services in Hong Kong, you can contact Root Design. Our team is dedicated and passionate about design concepts and functional experiences. We are always willing to help and deliver the best interior design solutions to suit your needs.

Things to consider in interior design hk and renovation design hk

Decoration design is the most important part in interior design as there are many technical issues and practical things to consider alongside the look and feel. It is necessary to to consider the customers’ style, colour tone, materials pricing, lighting, practical, etc. The customer’s preferred styles may vary from contemporary, vintage, Japanese style, minimalism, industrial style, each aspect takes a lot of time and effort from planning to renovation. Even which materials to use take a lot of consideration and effort. For example, if you consider using a wooden floor, it gives you a warm feel but it’s not suitable for humid weather while brick floors are more permeable to moisture, fluids.

Interior Design Service for Recommendation in Hong Kong

There is huge demand for home renovation and interior design services in Hong Kong but many customers will wait until the last minute and look for interior design services when they plan to renovate their homes. People look for interior design recommendations from different channels e.g. renovation agencies, online, social media, design magazines, etc. In fact, many home renovation companies in the market may have certain problems such as using different materials, project delays and even overcharging. It is not easy to find a reliable interior design and home renovation company in Hong Kong. If you need a one-stop interior design and home renovation service, don’t trust the companies that are introduced by the decoration agency. Root Design would be a better choice than the decoration agency. Root Design provides one-stop high quality interior design service. Root Design focuses on understanding your needs and maintaining a close communication with you in every renovation stage. The service level is very different from the general home renovation companies. We care about the details and will walk through the design inspirations with customers to deliver the ideal home. We will prepare blueprints and ensure that our final renovation meets customers’ expectations. There are many complaints in the renovation industry in Hong Kong. The most common ones are project delays and overcharging. However, every Root Design renovation project would avoid project delays as we have a project management team to monitor the progress of the renovation projects for customers. We will follow up the problems immediately when the project fails to meet the schedule. In order to minimise the possibility of project delays, our renovation workers are well trained and they are reliable on project delivery.


Furthermore, all the items of the interior design and renovation quotations clearly stated the prices. All renovation materials are ordered by our team for customers and no extra charges will be incurred on the renovation materials. Root Design will give the precise interior design recommendations and is a reliable and quality service provider for home renovation in Hong Kong.

Interior Design Service Project Scope

At Root Design, we design everything for each home renovation project or office interior design project. In the first meeting, we would get all the required information such as the size of the flat, floor plan, interior design budget, preferred style, etc. It would be very helpful if you can provide the images of your favourite interior design with us so we can know more about your styles and colouring. Do let us know how many family members will be living together in the flat as each of us would need privacy even if we are a family. We would modify the floor plan and make sure everyone has their own space while designing the layout.


Once we get all the basic information, we would conduct measurements and take photos in the flat, develop the 3D graph, detailed floor plan and material board for you to get a look and feel of the interior design. The interior design will give you a detailed explanation of the design concepts and clearly state the renovation procedures and will request you to sign off the designs and drawings for production. After your approval, we will develop the project timeline and estimate the number of days for project completion. We will work closely with the renovation workers and send you the progress update on the home interior design through whatsapp so you don’t need to go to the flat every week to monitor the progress.


We will also choose the furniture and renovation materials with you in Hong Kong. We can go to Mongkok or Wanchai to choose the materials together at the renovation materials’ shops if you have time. Undoubtedly, we can always make the best interior design recommendation for you. It would be best if you can experience the materials in the renovation material shops because you can get the first hand experience about the materials and colours. The real colouring may look a bit different if you look at the photo vs see it real in store.


The last stage will be final checking and walkthrough with customers. The interior designer will provide useful household tips and advice. The space is then ready for occupancy.

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Interior Design and Home Renovation Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find Root Design to provide interior design and home renovation design service, you can contact us by email at info@Root or call us at +852 3620-3413. You can also visit our Wanchai office for face-to-face consultation and quotation.

Root Design will provide a one-year maintenance period after completion of the renovation work. During the maintenance period, if there is any structural problem specified in the contract, we will send renovation workers in Hong Kong to repair it free of charge.

As you are the person living in the house in future, if you feel unsatisfied with the interior designer’s plan, please tell your thoughts to the interior designer as soon as possible. We encourage customers to communicate with designers more so that designers can better understand your needs. If you want to change the design after renovation starts, this will incur extra charges.

We accept credit card payment and pay by instalments with Hong Kong credit cards. We are flexible and you can select 12-months instalment. The payment will be split across different renovation stages and first deposit is required before the renovation.

It would depend on the actual situation in renovation design hk, there will be slight differences between the quotation and final charges. But the difference will not be too much under normal circumstances.