Furniture Design Suggestions for Hong Kong Apartments

Hong Kong is known for having some of the smallest and most costly apartments in the entire world because there isn’t much room for construction there. Some people get a confined feeling when they live in small apartments. It also gives the owners a headache when it comes to furniture design. To be fair, working on furniture design that is dedicated to small apartments in Hong Kong may seem challenging, but it certainly is not impossible. Root Design provides furniture design Hong Kong service for those who want to have a unique personal space in this crowded city. This blog is going to give you some suggestions on furniture design to help you create an atmosphere that is both cosy and private.

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Furniture Design Measurement in HK

Before working on your dream furniture design in HK, you should start with the fundamentals in order to make sure that every inch of your area is well utilised. It is especially important when you are creating a furniture design for a confined room in Hong Kong. The key to ensuring proper furniture sizing is to measure your area beforehand. Surprisingly, a room’s perception of size isn’t necessarily influenced by the size of the furnishings. Scale, proportion, and the amount of space between furniture items are frequently the factors that contribute to an overcrowded sense. The golden ratio, often known as the 2:3 rule, is not just for room design, but also furniture design. Every piece of furniture should adhere to this in theory. Start by dividing a room into two portions. The largest furniture like sofa, bed, and dining table should occupy 2:3. Secondary items like storage or an additional seating space will be housed in the smaller portion.

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Choose A Suitable colour for Furniture Design in Hong Kong

Picking the right colour for your furniture piece is very important when it comes to furniture design hk. If the colour of your furniture design does not fit the colour theme of the room, it will look odd and out of place. Therefore, choosing the right colour that fits the atmosphere of your room is one of the utmost important parts of your furniture design.To find the suitable colour, first you should choose your colour palette. If you do not have anything particular in mind, search for colour trends online for inspiration. There are many factors to take into account, but it’s helpful to keep in mind that bright, light colours open up a space while dark, warm hues make it feel smaller. It’s time to employ a colour wheel once you’ve made your decision. The main tool that interior designers use when deciding on colour schemes is this one. It helps combine and match various hues, saving you a lot of work in furniture design.

Go Round All The Way for Furniture Design HK

Making every effort to eliminate any sense of restriction or confinement is one of the design tricks you can employ when working with a tiny space. In order to avoid the sense of being hemmed in, always use furniture with rounded edges, such as circular clocks and curved couches. Apart from making your room visually larger, rounded furniture also gives you a sense of safety and calmness. If you want your furniture design to make your room cozy and warm, curved edges are the perfect choice.

Linear Print of Furniture Design in Hong Kong

Feeling bored with plain colour and wanting to show your personality? Adding some patterns when you are working on your furniture design is the best way to show some quirkiness. If you want to add small patterns when working on your furniture design, you may consider using different geometric and linear prints. This creates the appearance of more length and width while also giving a small room a feeling of structure. Moreover, linear patterns and circular furniture like sofa and coffee table can create contrast and make your room more visually pleasing.

Keep Your Sofa Low Height of Furniture Design HK

This suggestion of furniture is more specifically for your sofa. The dimensions of furniture items on the market are often uniform, and chunky furniture pieces will make your room look cramped, which is the worst thing that could happen to a small Hong Kong apartment. In order to give your apartment more visual clearance, tailor your sofa with a low height and profile. If at all feasible, give your couch no armrests because they are frequently an extravagance that is best avoided when saving space is a top goal.

Most Importantly, Set Up Your Own Goals And Achieve Them

A good furniture design hk does not necessarily follow that everyone agrees with it or even likes it, just that it succeeds in its goal. Your essay is likely to be more fascinating as you refine these goals and set more guidelines for yourself. For instance, when you are designing a table, you want to make sure it doesn’t collapse when you sit on it and ensure that it is comfy. Nonetheless, the difficulties you overcame to make sure it achieved your goals are what will make it the most engaging.

Based on who you’re developing for, what matters to them, and how you want to represent yourself, make decisions. Your furniture design might be influenced in a variety of ways depending on your goals. There could be logistical difficulties like the need to obtain all materials locally or issues with the money, tools, or project schedule. Or they might discuss how viewers respond to the work. As soon as you have your goals to help you, keep in mind to apply principles like the golden ratio for further direction. Although you do not need to follow the regulations to the letter, it is nevertheless a good idea to be aware of them.

Want to ask for professional suggestions? Root Design offers furniture design Hong Kong service. Root Design understands that everyone is unique and has different needs in real life. Aesthetics should not be the only consideration when it comes to furniture design. Furniture is not just an art piece, it is a necessity for our everyday life. Storytelling,​ ​durability and quality are also important elements to realise your dream furniture design hk. Sensory design evokes dreams.

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