Perfect Dining Experience with Restaurant Design Services HK

Dining out is the absolute best affair in Hong Kong, as it is renowned as a ‘gourmet paradise’ offering a wide variety of food and international cuisines. The entire dining experience goes beyond the food itself, with restaurant design playing an essential role in enhancing the pleasure of the food. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, hosting a wedding reception, going on a date, or just after a café for a treat, stunning views and interior design are always at the back of your mind to leave a lasting impression on your dining companions. People will post pictures of the restaurant on Openrice and social media to get people in the door for a taste. Food and restaurant design are vital ingredients to a restaurant’s success.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to fast food restaurants in Hong Kong, we offer the best restaurant design for you. With years of experience in catering and restaurant design services in HK, we are intimately familiar with the structuring of restaurant design.


Planning Process of Restaurant Design Services in Hong Kong

A license is required from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government for any restaurant in operation. There are several types of assignments: restaurant licenses, bakery licenses, factory canteen licenses, siu mei, lo mei restaurant licenses, karaoke establishment licenses, liquor licenses, and club liquor licenses. Depending on what kind of restaurant design you want, we can provide you with advice and the best Hong Kong restaurant design.


We will consider your budget and develop the perfect restaurant design for you if you are looking for a limited-budget restaurant design service or a stylish and modern restaurant design. Costs vary significantly from a Michelin-starred restaurant to a pop-up restaurant or even a food truck! If you rented a restaurant in a shopping mall, the landlord would require a detailed design plan to meet the mall’s standards. During the initial planning stage, we can assist with the planning and preparation of floor plans and design elements with precise detailing.


We will move into restaurant design concepts – which style of restaurant design would you use? Japanese sushi restaurant, fine dining, café, or fast casual? As we develop the floor plan, we try to balance a welcoming atmosphere and maximum seating capacity. In addition, we need to work out how you will be cooking. Should we put the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant and involve people in the cooking process, or should we separate the kitchen from the dining area?


We will create a material board so that you can develop a feel for textures and materials in the initial stages. Then, we will use various materials and textures to set the tone of the restaurant design. After the design of your restaurant has been confirmed, we will work with the builder to carry out the renovation. We will source suitable materials and furniture for you at the same time.


To reduce the time taken to design the restaurant in HK, we will provide a detailed renovation project schedule can provide to client can predict the restaurant when ready for operational time, and when for prepare before opening date.


We will closely monitor the progress of the restaurant design and renovation work to meet the renovation schedule. Please allow sufficient time for the restaurant to open in the event of typhoons or unforeseen circumstances that may cause the renovation to take longer.


Key elements of Restaurant Design Service HK

There are four essential elements to restaurant dining: a modern space, an organized wait staff, a fine wine cellar, and great food. If any of these elements fails, a restaurant will not be perfect. However, we understand what a successful restaurant needs as much as you do. Therefore, we will share with you the best restaurant design ideas.


We will consider the preparation area, the gas hob, the frying, the oven, and the frying table for the kitchen design. The food storage area is where we put dry and cold storage; this area should be relaxed and ventilated—Reserve space for drinks and wine. The circulation space and serving stations should be spacious enough to ensure that the servers and chefs can work smoothly. The work area is a crucial area for the chef to prepare food. The kitchen floor plan includes washing stations, dishwashing, and waste bins zones.


The dining area is the central focus to at an impression on people. The mix of furniture, lighting, colour, walls, typography, and cutlery are combined into innovative concepts to stimulate our appetites. Good restaurant design in HK must be harmonious.


When it comes to colours, it would depend on the context. Wood gives customers the feeling of home cooks, and red stimulates an appetite. Black suggests a modern and offers a complementary background for the dish. The restaurant’s colour scheme would contribute a lot of restaurant harmony.


Lighting can make a restaurant design look great! As people are more concerned about sustainability and eco-friendly. Restaurant designs often use natural lighting to make the space look brighter and give off a warm, airy hue. The appropriate use of sunlight can make the dining area shine in both the day and night and transform into different tones.


Placing plants is an excellent idea for restaurant design in HK where the restaurant space is large enough. It matches well while your restaurant is in Japanese style or with a contemporary design. However, art and paintings would take your restaurant design to higher levels. It would be the perfect combination of floral and geometric elements.

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Restaurant Design Services Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are happy to help, even if you have a low budget for restaurant design. We will sort out the best restaurant design ideas for you.

Restaurant interior design usually takes place from 3 months to 6 months, depending on the complexity and final restaurant design.

The restaurant design in HK process includes the floor plan design, renovation materials sourcing, construction, and license application.

Hong Kong is a high rate of rental, and the successful restaurant not only provided delicious food, well-trained servers, and marketing promote, the customers also can feel restaurant design is very important in it too.

Customers can pay us the first deposit of around 30% and then three to four instalments. We can also discuss further if you have any special requests on the payment terms.