Jubilant Place Residence

To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong


850 sqft

The concept of ‘Hygge’ referred to a quality of coziness and conviviality that engenders a feeling of well-being. The design did not only reflect the emotional sectors to create cinematic felt but also focus on ‘well-being.’ The essence of well-being mused in every material and furniture selection, as well as spatial planning. Through every design decision-making, designers believe that design transforms life, and even, enhances the quality of living.

In a hustling and bustling city like Hong Kong, not just design a home with beautiful furniture but design a narrative, an identity, and ritual that can glue a family together. Designers aimed to highlight the open floor plan and material selection, the natural light heightens the illusion of physical and material boundaries.

Scandinavian-inspired apartment embodied the spirit of ‘Hygge’ in every single detail around the apartment in Hong Kong.

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